Product Overview

The R-HUB products consist of:

  • HD Video Conferencing Servers
  • Remote Support Servers
  • All-in-one collaboration servers
  • End-point products
  • Specialty collaboration products

The R-HUB server product lines are built upon the following included real-time collaboration applications:
  1. Interactive MeetingGive sales presentations, product demos, and collaborate interactively.
  2. HD Video ConferencingUp to 30 webcams based video conferencing with 1080p and telepresence.
  3. Live StreamingStream desktop, HD video and audio to browser-based viewers across all platforms.
  4. Remote SupportSupport PC, Mac and mobile users remotely.
  5. Remote AccessAccess your office or home PCs and MACs from anywhere, anytime.
  6. WebinarProvide online seminars without the need for view-only attendees to download anything.
  7. Audio ConferencingVoIP mixed with free landline (PSTN) audio conferencing services.
  8. IM (under development) Presence & instant messaging
In addition to server products, R-HUB offers client products and real-time collaboration solutions for special use cases:
  1. HD Video Conference End Point Providing all hardware and software needed for conference rooms.
  2. TurboRoom Enabling real-time collaboration in secure conference rooms.
  3. TurboClass Bringing real-time collaboration to classrooms.
  4. Turbo9-1-1 Empowering real-time collaboration for first responders.
The following table shows the server product configurations:
Products Video Conference Interactive Meeting Webinar Audio Conferencing Remote Support Remote Access Live Streaming IM
Standard* HD** VoIP Free PSTN
HD Video Conferencing Servers (TVC)        
Remote Support Servers (TRS)              
Remote Access Servers (TRA)              
Remote Support & Access Servers (TRSA)            
Live Streaming (TLS)     ***     ***     ***       ***        
All-in-One Collaboration Servers (TMA)
* Standard video conferencing: webcam image resolution up to 256(W) x 192(H) pixels with up to 11 webcams
** HD video conferencing: 1080p webcam image resolution up to 1920(W) x 1080(H) pixels with up to 30 webcams. HD video also comes with telepresence functions.
*** Up to four meeting panelists per session have the functions.

The R-HUB All-in-One Collaboration Server is the best choice. It provides the most flexibility and functions for your collaboration needs, now and in the future (see the figure below)

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