TurboClass Real-Time
Collaboration for Classrooms

The TurboClass provides all hardware and software needed to bring real-time collaboration to classrooms rooms. Connecting TurboClass to a TV or projector allows teachers and students to instantly display a desktop from a PC, MAC, Chromebook, iOS device or Android device.

Plug and play

Plug-and-Play, Easy and Robust

Just connect TurboClass to your favorite TV or projector. The system sets up in minutes and performs to the same expected level of quality and reliability each time.
Collaborate via Wi-Fi. No Wires Required
Each participant presents and collaborates with others using a wireless connection. No more messy wires.
No wires needed
Cross-platform Support

Cross-platform Support

Any participant with a PC, MAC, Chromebook, iOS or Android device can collaborate.
Concurrent Annotation by All Participants
Any participant can annotate the presenter’s desktop concurrently in different colors with the ability to erase, mark, point, and save annotation.
Concurrent Annotation

Recording Classes

The system can automatically record the entire collaboration session (audio and desktop) on local USB storage or on network attached storage (NAS). Recording can be converted into MP4 for editing and publishing.
Remote Attendees over the Internet
Attendees over the Internet can join your classroom to view, present and collaborate. With this function, when a teacher or student is sick, she can still join a class at home. Outside teachers and students can be invited when needed.
Remote Attendee
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