Secure Remote Access

Easy and secure remote access to computers (PC and MACs) and unattended remote support. Anywhere. Any time.

Unlike most on-premise solutions, no inbound port opening is required for any remote computers. Eliminate the most dangerous security loophole.

Remotely access your computer desktop, applications, and files.

Quickly and easily work with a remote computer as if you were sitting in front of it. Work from home or on the road.
Get to your computers from your mobile devices
Control your computers from your iPhone/iPad/Android. Free to download the app.
Print a file on your remote computer to a local printer.
Print documents located on your remote computers to the nearest printer.
Unattended remote support
Provide unattended remote support to your customers to maximize customer support capabilities and customer service troubleshooting and problem resolution. Remotely reboot to safe or regular mode and automatically reconnect.
Best on-premise security solution for enterprises
Hosted remote access by other providers can expose your internal systems and remote computers without any protection from your firewall. With an R-HUB owned server you eliminate this risk. The R-HUB system allows you to remotely control and access computers without impairing your internal firewall and putting users and confidential information at-risk.

Unlike other point-to-point on-premise access tools such as PCAnywhere, R-HUB TurboMeeting does not require a remote computer to open any inbound ports. R-HUB is easy. R-HUB is fast. R-HUB is internally and externally secure.
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