R-HUB provides you secure video/web/audio
conferencing and remote support server
that YOU own and YOU control. Forever.
  • No more limits on employee access.
  • No more monthly subscription fees.
  • No more third-party surveillance risks.
  • No more limits on how your company,
    your employees and your customers can communicate.

Your R-HUB conferencing server gives you the real-time collaboration features you need to keep your company competitive.

Each department in your organization can benefit from one or more of the real-time collaboration applications:
Web Conferencing
Video Conferencing
Live Streaming
Audio Conferencing
Remote Support
Remote Access
IM (under development)

Why keep paying subscription fees forever? You can own your R-HUB server in hardware with just 3 - 5 months of subscription fees.

You own your R-HUB server – versus paying mounting monthly subscription fees for conferencing and support at the affordable, one-time fixed price. Only 3 - 5 months of subscription fees pay for the server.

Having R-HUB will boost employee productivity because you can provide access to real-time collaboration services for 10, 1,000, 100,000, any number+ of employees … anytime … anywhere.

Support unlimited users and unleash the productivity of every employee.

Unlike hosted services charging each named user for subscription fees, the R-HUB server uses floating licenses and has no limitation on the number of users. You can provide access to real-time collaboration services for 10, 1,000, 100,000, any number of employees … anytime … anywhere.


With LDAP integration secured by your firewall, the R-HUB server rapidly delivers a productivity boost to everyone in your organization. It is unmatched by any hosted service provider.

Ease of use & steadfast quality

With over a decade of development since 2003 and millions of users, R-HUB products have been constantly improved and well tested. R-HUB makes meetings easy. It is one of the fastest solutions in the industry. The landline free audio conferencing service quality is enterprise-level caliber. Try it free and experience the quality difference. You will find that the R-HUB products deliver better image quality and faster speed, and are easier to use than the leading brands.

On-premises: security, branding, integration

Hosted services for real-time collaboration are prone to hacking. Check the articles: "Citing Attack, GoToMyPC Resets All Passwords" by KrebsOnSecurity and "'Significant' number of TeamViewer accounts hacked" by BBC.


For hosted services, a third-party can find out who your attendees were, when they joined your sessions, where they came from, and what your upcoming meetings will be.  In some cases, the hosted service may be required to release this data for legal reasons or by government agencies. With your own R-HUB server, no third party can access this private data. For internal collaboration, all session traffic and session data are protected by your firewalls, the ultimate security measure you can possibly have in order to protect your private collaboration.


You can integrate the ability to host or join R-HUB sessions into your websites and applications. At the end of a session, you can direct attendees to any web page you like to enhance your branding and message. With hosted services, all your attendees are forced to go to the service provider websites even though you are paying for the service.

Hardware Servers. Extremely Reliable and Easy to Deploy.

Similar to your routers and switches, each R-HUB server is a sealed and dedicated device and optimized to deliver 24 x 7 unattended services and support your daily business operation with peace in mind. Plug and Play. No IT team or maintenance required. The system firmware is self-updated by default.


The security is hardened not only at the application level but also at the operating system level. In fact, the R-HUB server runs without the need of putting it behind a firewall. It is self-protected.

No download of any kind, platform independent

Thanks to our patented technology, there is nothing to download for participants who will be viewing only. No firewalls, group policies, or antivirus can stop attendees from joining your meetings. Joining a meeting is fast. It takes under 5 seconds – not minutes.

Flexible deployment to meet your operation needs

There are three ways to deploy the R-HUB server:


  1. Internal deployment: the most secure deployment
  2. Internal and external deployment: the deployment of R-HUB servers in offices
  3. External deployment: the deployment of R-HUB servers in public clouds such as AWS


internal web conference deployment


web conference deployment

secure web conferencing



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