R-HUB Servers

Plug-and-Play. No IT team or maintenance required. 24/7 unattended operation.

Plug and Play. No IT team or maintenance required. R-HUB is the perfect self-owned server for conferencing and support solution.

Just plug in your R-HUB server to your network and you can immediately access all of its capabilities and functionalities. No IT team needed. No IT maintenance required. Plus, your R-HUB server will automatically update itself when a new R-HUB release is available to keep your system functioning with all the latest R-HUB optimized capabilities.

Quiet and low energy usage. Ready to be deployed anywhere.

Except the servers in 1U form factor, all TurboMeeting servers consume little energy (a few watts) and operate quietly. You can deploy them anywhere convenient to you including your bookshelf.

Extremely reliable. Optimized for best performance

Unlike software-only deployment, which likely shares with other applications running on a general purpose computer, each TurboMeeting server is an appliance dedicated to run TurboMeeting. Similar to your routers and switches, each TurboMeeting server is a sealed device and designed to deliver 24 x 7 unattended services and support your daily business operation with peace in mind. Both hardware and the operating system for the servers are optimized for the best performance.

Backup services

You can back up your database anytime and use the HA (High Availability) cluster configuration to increase redundancy. If for any reason your server is out of service, RHUB will provide you with online meeting services hosted by the RHUB servers around the world.
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