R-HUB Partner Programs

The Problem - Web conferencing & remote support represent $2.5 Billion market, which is controlled by a few hosted service providers. Yet there are no reseller opportunities in this fast growing market.

The Solution - The R-HUB servers allow you to enter the market and share the profits and growth.

R-HUB offers various partner programs. For information on becoming a partner, please contact R-HUB sales directly at sales@rhubcom.com or 866-758-0984.

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Resellers/VARs/Systems Integrators
The R-HUB TurboMeeting series of servers was designed for you, the channel partner. Not only does it provide tremendous value for you in your day-to-day business, it provides the opportunity for you to increase sales to your customer base.

The concept of delivering Web conferencing in an easy-to-install server is ideal for channel partners who are already delivering IP based solutions. Whether you offer telephony, networking or conferencing solutions, you can now add Web conferencing that can be easily installed and integrated into your customer’s systems.

The “vendor managed” update capability of the TurboMeeting family of servers means that neither you nor your customer has to be concerned about ongoing IT support. TurboMeeting servers update automatically as long as the unit is on warranty and has Internet access.

R-HUB’s aggressive MSRP pricing provides your customers with outstanding value and return on their investment while at the same time providing you with great profit margins. Customers typically realize an ROI of between 3 and 5 months in comparison with other Web conferencing solutions. Your customers will love the fast payback, security, performance and branding capabilities of their TurboMeeting server. The quick and easy branding feature is attractive to customers who use Web conferencing extensively in their business.

R-HUB provides you with a set of APIs to enable you to integrate TurboMeeting with other customers' sites or systems. This integration can be a value-added service and enable you to move your customers toward Unified Communications (UC).

A product family that ranges from SOHO to full enterprise deployment gives you a Web conferencing solution that can address any size customer. With a starting MSRP of less than $1,000, you have a solution for every customer.

Reseller Registration Form: Please fill in the "Reseller Registration Form" and fax or mail it to R-HUB.

Requirements: All Resellers must complete the R-HUB Reseller Application. Resellers working through a R-HUB authorized Distributor only need to complete the R-HUB Reseller Application and meet the requirements of the Distributor. Resellers who wish to work directly with R-HUB must also complete the R-HUB Reseller Agreement.

R-HUB offers two programs for Resellers: Certified and Authorized.

Certified Resellers: To become a R-HUB Certified Reseller, you must complete two free training courses in product sales and installation/integration. Each course is one hour in length and conducted on a biweekly basis. The Integration course requires you to build a Web page integration sample.

Certified Reseller qualifies you to be referred to customers requiring assistance in installing and integrating a RHUB server. Certified Reseller also qualifies you for access to the R-HUB API documentation.

Authorized Resellers: R-HUB does not require a formal certification process to become an authorized reseller. Rather, we strive for ease of use and installation. If you can configure your home router or firewall, you can easily install the TurboMeeting server. The system is so easy to use that a short online tutorial is all that you need. Once installed, you or your customer just uses it – there is nothing else to do.

Technical support: R-HUB provides its channel partners with phone and email support.

Marketing support: R-HUB provides collateral and presentation material to support your marketing efforts

Sales support: R-HUB provides on-line training sessions for your sales teams.

Testimonials from R-HUB distributors & resellers:
“D&H is always working to deliver innovative networking products to its resellers. We want to help those resellers assemble better solutions, ones that create more effective ways for their end users to conduct business. R-HUB has a strong solution that will let VARs help their SMB customers build more sophisticated communication infrastructures.”
-- Rob Eby, Vice President of Purchasing at D&H

“We are excited about the opportunity to introduce a full-featured Web conferencing server to the Asian market. We evaluated many different solutions, and selected RHUB’s TurboMeeting because it offers many advantageous features such as remote support, remote seminars, and remote PC access.”
-- Joji Tone, President of Technology Link Corporation.

“We were able to talk our clients through their system troubleshooting, and within an hour we had their servers completely rebuilt and back on line – all done remotely using the TurboMeeting Remote Support. The Remote Support mode has all the features we needed to quickly control the systems and perform the repairs. All the customer has to do is join the meeting, while we are in full control. In the 3-plus months we’ve had the TurboMeeting installed we have saved at least a man-week in support time. TurboMeeting has already paid for itself.”
-- Robert Marsh, President of Omnia Technologies

“We use a configuration where we can access a remote server unattended, and at the same time have another support session going with a customer. We can also escalate any support session by bringing in other resources, such as factory-trained specialists, as needed. TurboMeeting is already saving us hundreds of dollars per month.”
-- Arvind Goel, President of Neobits

“TurboMeeting provides small and medium sized companies quick and easy Web conferencing without the need to download client software. We are pleased to welcome R-HUB and TurboMeeting to the Jamcracker catalogue of services.”
-- Steve Crawford, vice president of marketing for Jamcrack

Private Label Hosted Model
With R-HUB private label hosted program, you can extend your service by integrating with one of the most advanced web conferencing solutions in the industry. You host the dedicated servers RHUB provides to you or RHUB can host them for you. It is your choice. RHUB makes business agreements flexible to meet your needs.

Here is what R-HUB's private label hosted partners say about R-HUB products and services:
“We are truly impressed by the lightning fast “View Only” mode that R-HUB’s TurboMeeting 3.2 provides. With its zero installation, browser-based application and speedy performance, we are proud to feature TurboMeeting 3.2 as our new Packetel’s Web conferencing Service in our reputable product line.”
-- Frank Tam, CEO of Packetel

“The new update is great. With its perfect screen scaling, TurboMeeting has become a much better hosted Web conferencing solution than anything else we have seen.”
-- Isaac Garcia, CEO of Central Desktop

“We really like the interactivity and Mac support that TurboMeeting provides. Web meetings are quick and easy to start, practical for one-on-one discussions, and ready to use for formal presentations to very large groups. Unlike many competitive products that we tested, TurboMeeting works effortlessly and trouble-free in nearly all network environments, and has performed flawlessly – even when running over slow bandwidths in remote parts of the world. TurboMeeting offers options for unlimited meetings at a very reasonable cost. Affordable Web meetings have finally arrived.”
-- George Allen, Director of AbiTeq

ISV/OEM application extension - TurboMeeting embedded web conferencing system software

Many collaborative applications can be enhanced by a rapidly deployed data sharing capability. Whether it is to add synchronous collaboration, remote desktop control, or application sharing, the productivity of your application will be dramatically enhanced for your users. With the TurboMeeting embedded web conferencing software, it is easy to incorporate full-featured Web conferencing into your application. TurboMeeting server software operates across platforms on Windows, Linux and Mac.

TurboMeeting is easily coupled with existing applications such as CRM, VoIP PBX, Audio Conferencing, Wiki Collaboration, Video Conferencing, and Document Management. All key API's are documented and provided for an XML based integration, which is fast and flexible.

embedded web conferencing
Selected Partners
Hitachi Hitachi is doing business in various fields from social infrastructure to home servers, materials, logistics, and services.
Hitachi InfoBridge provides custom web and software development services. InfoBridge builds and manages solutions that empower our client's business.
BusinessPoint Live BusinessPoint Live™’s mission is to provide secure business networking for the commercial benefit of its membership. It differs from most other networking sites because it’s a free resource which manages business transactions ‘on-line’ in a cost and time efficient manner.
InfoNeedle InfoNeedle is the leading provider of cloud-based virtual events solutions. Event organizers use InfoNeedle to host their virtual-only or hybrid online events, any time, any size and in any language.
Jamcracker Jamcracker aggregates and distributes on-demand services through a global ecosystem of Service Providers, VARs, System Integrators, and ISVs.
MaestroConference MaestroConference is the leader in Social Conferencing™, a technology that allows people to participate in large-scale, truly interactive virtual events featuring real conversations.
RemotEAR The primary focus of RemotEAR is to enable a hearing care professional to remotely control a diagnostic device in a remote location, where the patient is also located, and to perform an effective diagnostic test and provide patient counseling on the results.
Zultys Zultys delivers the most compelling feature-rich IP PBX telephone system in its class today, and as it has for the past eight years in a row. The award-winning platform allows businesses to easily deploy a complete voice and Unified Communications solutions without the complexity or cost of the other brands.

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