This guide covers the steps to host and join a meeting:
    1. Host a Meeting
    2. Join a Meeting
The following figure shows the main functions for a meeting host:
1. Host a Meeting
To host a meeting, you need a user account. Your system administrator can set up an account for you.
For first-time users, follow the steps below to host a meeting.
Step 1 Open your browser and in the browser address bar type your meeting server address, which is provided by your administrator. Click the “Host Meeting” button 
Step 2 When prompted to accept the TurboMeeting download, click “Save File" and run it.
Step 3 Fill in Email Address and Password assigned by your system administrator. Click the “Sign In” button.
Step 4 Click the “Host” button (see the Figure above)
Step 5 Select a meeting type and start a meeting
The launch of the above meeting control panel indicates that the meeting has started. Click the “Invite” button at the bottom of the panel to invite your meeting attendees

To host future meetings, click the TurboMeeting icon on your desktop:

2. Join a Meeting
To join a webinar (view-only), simply click the meeting URL sent to you by the meeting host and there is no download or installation. The following steps are needed to join an interactive meeting for first time users.
Step 1 Open your browser and type the meeting server address in the browser's address bar. Click the Join Meeting button 
Step 2 Fill in the Meeting ID, Meeting Password, and your name. Click the “Join Meeting” button
Step 3  When you are prompted to accept the TurboMeeting download, click “Save File” and run it.

Now you have joined the meeting. The meeting panel (the figure below) shows you the meeting information, meeting attendees and buttons to transfer files, start your webcam and record the meeting.


To join a meeting the next time, click the TurboMeeting icon on your desktop

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